iSquad Goals and Benefits

(Identified by iSquad participants

Goals for Squads

· To create a well trained group of kids that can develop a skill set that will be valuable for future academic and career goals.
· To identify all of the technology that's in the school--conduct an inventory of what's there--where it is, what's it supposed to be used for.
· To have a process in place so that there's a method for managing requests.
· To assist teachers in the use of technology. Some teachers are secure, others aren't--we want to promote that feeling of security.
- To increase enrollment and keep them coming.
- To be able to troubleshoot with each other and have the mouse squad advisor simply there to advise. Students need come together and problem solve issues that arise.
- To provide the children with communication skills needed to be successful.

Objectives for meeting Goals

· Be flexible, patient and dedicate time
· Understand criteria for choosing students
· Develop tactics for pushing into the classroom during the day
· Partner students with teachers, especially at professional development sessions.
· Learn more about the technology (teachers building skills.) The more I learn the more that I can pass on.)
· MOUSE Squad could be used to lessen traffic in hallways as students approach depot manager.
· Encourage students to learn about technology and learn about software
· Allocate a *regular* time in the day/week for students to meet. Explain process to students.

Program Benefits

· Teaches responsibility
· Builds tech skills (students)
· Easier on advisors.
· Parents could be a part of work in schools--they should know that their child is running around. Open house for parents.


· i Squad - just in time support. Why a ticket or workorder?
· Define how much time students would want to spend solving a problem while in a classroom. Limit student time on task in classroom. needs to be defined with students. What if something goes wrong. Kid could be in and out of class all day missing instruction--why is this kid always out?
· Define times for students to address problems--students will need guidelines.
· Application/Permission form (available on


· Schools keep log books in each program to keep track of issues related to carts and machines.
· Create a schedule and regular problem report--a data driven system--get at common issues.
· Get kids to learn how to keep track and be accountable.