iTech Coach Schedule

Below you will find schedule's from iTeach/iLearn iTech coaches. These schedules provides a snapshop of what a typical week looks like as an iTech Coach at each school.

The instructional technology coach is the key staff member to receive, organize and coordinate the instructional technology integration effort within their schools. The iT coach serves much as a literacy and math coach providing onsite professional development and support. The iT Coach works in classrooms to practice the best possible strategies to teach proven instructional programs, to differentiate instruction to meet a range of student needs, and to facilitate teachers in sharing experiences and learning from one another. This is accomplished by:
  • Facilitating workshops and study groups
  • Coaching teachers, model lessons, and providing feedback to colleagues.
  • Conducting planning meetings with teachers to analyze student work, review information regarding classroom assessments, and plan for instruction within the core programs.
  • Differentiating support for teachers based upon demonstrated need.
  • Organizing opportunities for staff to observe and participate in discussion and PD.
  • Working closely with administration to assess teachers’ and students’ needs, and plan relevant professional development.

Schedule template: Sample Schedule

iTeach/iLearn iTech Coach Schedules
R1-IS 339 Schedule
R1-JHS 118 Schedule
R2-IS 192 Schedule
R2-PS 129 Schedule
R3-JHS 217 Schedule
R3-PS 268 Schedule
R4-IS 93 Schedule
R4-JHS 162 Schedule
R5-JHS 218 Schedule
R5-PS 202 Schedule
R6-IS 211 Schedule
R6-PS189 Schedule
R7-JHS 223 Schedule
R7 JHS 223 Schedule page 2
R7-IS 281 Schedule
R8-MS 266 Schedule
R8-PS 35 Schedule
R9-JHS 151 Schedule
R9-IS 131 Schedule
R10-IS 195 Schedule
R10-JHS 52 Schedule
D 75-PS 17 Schedule
D75-PS 140 Schedule