P Course Application Documents

Class Content
Classes have to move student achievement. They can’t be “Excel” or “Word” for Dummies. They also can’t be a great course for teaching basic skills. Classes must move student achievement and demonstrate how they do so.

The iTeach/iLearn core content classes have terrific material for a P course and are already completely created and have been updated at
http://21cpd.wikispaces.com. You could take the four classes in any content area for the 30 hours of instruction or take three classes for about 24 hours of content and add in the iCreate class resulting in participants culminating the class with a lesson incorporating what they learned. You may also consider using the 16-hour iTeach class combined with an iLearn class and iCreate. There are numerous possibilities for mixing and matching these offerings.

Once the class is submitted and approved any iTeach/iLearn facilitator can offer that class at their school for three years.

Class Details

Facilitator Compensation: $2100
Participant Cost: 3 credits is $195
Class Duration: 30 hours
Minimum Paid Participants: 18

Class Location

Class location is determined by the person submitting the class. This can happen at any school site.