Here is where we will feature contests or grants in which iTiL schools should participate.

March 2008
Spring iTiL PD Recruitment - Recruit teachers for iTiL PD, win digital camera for your school.
Click here and indicate: 1) How many seats you have registered teachers for in classes occuring from March 25 - June 30, 2) How you recruited these teachers 3) How you plan to use your digital camera. The school with the most seats recruited AND a great use for their digital camera, wins.

February 2008
Intel Schools of Distinction Award - Math and Science

Nov 2007
Teaching Matters - Literacy and Social Studies Grant

April 2007 - Win a $50,000 wireless lab for your school.

February 2007
HP Tech for Teaching Grant

January 2007
Google Teachers Academy

December 2006
Reading Technology Grant

November 2006
iSafe Competition

October 2006
Tech PD - Provide info on your favorite Just in Time Software supporter to help us select the resource that's best for you.