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Advanced Features of Inspiration

In the previous lesson, we demonstrated how Inspiration can be used as a terrific outlining tool. We discovered the basic features of the software and how it can make writing fun. In this second lesson, we will discuss the more advanced features of Inspiration. These features will allow us to create graphic organizers that are not only functional, but visually attractive.

Session Overview
In this session, students will be able to create visually attractive graphic organizers through the use of Inspiration software.

Focusing Questions
What is the purpose of the advanced features in Inspiration?

How can I insert graphics into my graphic organizer?
What are some advantages to the advanced features?

The following materials are used in this session:
-Inspiration Software
-Internet and Smartboard

The following resources are used in this session:
1. Internet access
2. Inspiration Software
3. iTiL Laptop


Framing the Session

In this session, we will discover the benefits of adding graphics to your graphic organizer in Inspiration. In the past, we discovered that Inspiration allowed us to organize our ideas. It was a great way to make a visual outline with our computer. Now, we will add graphics and make notes on our links. This will improve our graphic organizer and make them presentable for the class.

Watch me as I show you how to insert graphics. Notice, it is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. The rapid fire button is also a great tool. You can produce quickly many bubbles with ideas. This saves you time from individually creating each bubble and linking it to the main idea. The add note in link feature is terrific because it allows us to demonstrate the flow of information from one bubble to the next.

Guided Practice
Now it is your turn to try. I want you to make graphic organizer that includes the following:

  1. One main idea
  2. Three subtopics using quickfire
  3. Each bubble should have a graphic
  4. One of the three bubbles should have a custom bubble related to your theme.


Getting Started
Take the next 20 minutes to complete the graphic organizer as outlined below. .
Participants will...

Inserting Graphics
Step 1 – Click on bubble
Step 2- Select a graphic on the tools menu
Step 3- Click top arrows to select different graphics

To insert custom graphics
Step 1- Go to Top Menu – Edit
Step 2- Select Insert Graphic- Select graphic- Click Open
Step 3- Drag graphic borders with mouse to resize

Rapid Fire Button
Step 1- Type an idea in a bubble.
Step 2- Click the rapid fire button on the lower top menu
Step 3- Type another idea
Step 4- Click enter
Step 5- Repeat the process until all topics are complete

Add note on Link
Step 1- Click on actual link- text box will appear
Step 2- Type in box
Step 3- Click outside of box

Facilitator Conferring
Circulate around the room and confer with participants. Make sure that each student was able to create a graphic organizer. Check to see if the students follow the procedure. Give each student a chance to share their work that can be presented during the Share.



Ask selected participants to share particularly good examples of their work.
Lead a discussion about how this work addresses the focusing questions.

Author: Joseph Pascarelli
School/Employer: MS 118
Title: Technology Coach/Coordinator