21st Century Special Education

SETTING THE STAGE (To be reviewed before the session begins.)

Session Overview
In this session, participants will utilize universal access for setting preferences that fit their special needs.

Focusing Questions

How can modifications be created for the computer to allow all students to have successful experiences using technology?
How can I modify my operating system to meet my special requirements?

The following materials are used in this session:
21st Century Special Education_PowerPoint_Template.ppt

The following resources are used in this session.
System Preferences- MAC computers – Universal Access

INSTRUCTION (Typically lasts about 20% of session.)

Framing the Session

How many of you find computers difficult and confusing to use?
Students will raise their hands.
Who can share their difficulties using computers?
Allow students to discuss their frustration.

Well, there is some good news. There is an easier to way to use computers. I want to show everyone here a way to make your computer more accessible.

“Watch me as I show you how to find Universal Access and set the preferences for your needs.

Guided Practice
Let me show you how:

1. Open the blue apple.
2. Go to system preferences.
3. Go to system and select Universal Access

In Universal Access, you will see a menu that has four different ways to modify your system.
1. Seeing – allows for voice over, zoom the screen, display to allow B&W
Let’s try to use the voiceover feature.
2. Zoom- allow you to make the screen larger and smaller.
Let’s try to use the zoom feature.
3. Display- allows you to change the screen color.
Let’s try to use the display to change the screen colors.

Other alternatives to use voice can be found in both system preferences under speech and in Microsoft Word. Both will read a document to you through the computer.

Pick one of the alternative to try
1. Open Word
2. View – Toolbar – Speech


1. System Preference -- Speech

“Now it is your turn to try it.”

WORK TIME (Typically lasts about 60–70% of session.)

Getting Started
Tell participants what they will be doing during their work time, and how much time they have:
“Take the next 30 minutes to review all the features and ask any questions.

Facilitator Conferring
Circulate around the room and confer with participants. Make sure that all students are on task. Check for students that need help finding the utility.

Take note of particularly good examples of work that can be presented during the Share.
SHARE (Typically lasts about 10–20% of session.)

Ask selected participants to share particularly good examples of their work and discuss with other students to find the Universal Access features.

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Title: 21st Century Special Education