Topics for 1:1 OIT meetings

  • Susan Levine to Assist with Analysis
  • Analyze School Budget and PD Plan
  • Analyze Tech Coach Schedule
  • iSquad Update Ted: 347-248-9672
    From Ted: All of our program materials reference MOUSE Squad--not iSquad--the lanyards that the students receive, eLearning curriculum, titles for positions etc, say MOUSE Squad. A key point in our negotiation with Troy was that we would not be able to customize them. I know that the DoE has been referring to its student tech support solution as iSquad, but I think that the difference in nomenclature will be confusing to participants as they reference our materials. Would it help if I phoned in for a few minutes at your meeting with Troy--I am eager to arrive at a solution that works well for all of our participants.
  • iSafe Internet Safety Contest (
  • Atomic Learning
  • New developments with the contract - Pace University
  • Performance Mangement Indicators

Person Responsible

Get Data for School Budget and PD Plan

Approve to hire additional assistance with data crunching

Analyze School Budget and PD Plan

Lisa/ Troy/ Christine

Analyze Tech Coach Schedule

Lisa/ Troy/ Christine

Data Analysis

Troy will email and speak with susan about assistance

iSquad City Council

Set meeting with MOUSE to solidify proposal. Must determine application process and contract details.

iSquad Update Ted

Delivered workshops week of 11/6. Plan at ( Providing trainings in schools November and December.
Lisa/ Christine

Provide NY learns proposed plan w/ menu option by 11/1 staff meeting
NY Learns is presenting individualized plans at the 11/15 curriculum committee meeting and is scheduling meetings with each department leader.


NY Learns

Include regional component to NY Learns proposed plan

Internet Safety

Representative at Nov 15th Press con call

iSafe Internet Safety Contest

Send info out to 22 schools